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Charged Monday with 142 criminal counts, including 24 of first-d

To the Defense Attorney's...how can your client plead anything but GUILTY to these charges. Will the courts ever find and un-biased jury or location for the trial. Would it not be in the defendants best interest to plead "Guilty" let the judge impose the sentance and save the state of Colorado hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and time for all concerned. I certainly to not want to see an Insanity Plea from his attorneys! He was never in trouble before, this was pre-meditated and there were numerous witnesses. I am sorry ,but shouldn't he just go away for life...be it the death penalty or not?

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Workers sue after layoffs!

I hope the employees get a fair shake ans they certainly did not in April!!!

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Paying for fire service

Paying for fire services....I just do not understand the rationale behind the voters refusing to do this. Your homes, your land, your beach...weekly trash pick up considered more necessary and important than protection of your home and possibly your lives! None of these area town are wealthy and communities rely on each other but the other towns can not continue to financially endure the costs of what the Town of Hartford needs to step up an do for themselves. The possible loss of home owners insurance because the towns folk refuse to pay their fair share.... In my opinion it is a no brainer. I would happily check with my neighbors next door and across town and take their trash to the transfer station every week to allow for the cost savings of trash pickup to be placed in use for required fire protection.