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The time was 7:42 PM, not AM.

The time was 7:42 PM, not AM. The correct time may help people remember if they saw anything. Thanks

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I am on

I am on Tanf/foodstamps/mainecare....My husband works 40 to 50 hrs. a week. I stay home with our children. I start college in the fall, because of our family size we qualify for such programs eventhough my husband works his bum off. There are people that "live off the state" and people that really need it, and use it for what it is for. Also for those of you who aren't familiar with the process..The state offers this program called ASPIRE. It is to help people to get off the husband and I are participating in this program. I believe people who are in this program trying to better their lives should recieve these cell phones.. But unfortunatly our income (eventhough we recieve a little bit of everything) probably will be over for these cell phones. Messed up huh?? We are working our butts off, and we most likely won't qualify. Instead we spend 80.00/month on a cell phone so my husband can have a phone in case of emergency while he's on his way to work. So for everyone that is knocking all the people on state...some of do try, we dont have a choice but to recieve help or our kids wouldn't eat. After I graduate from college we will no longer need state assistance. Hence the meaning of TANF...Temporary Assistance for Needy Families....