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Count your zeros.

Your math is way off. You put too many 0s somewhere. 600 million dollars divided between 320 million Americans is less than 2 dollars per person.

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There isn't much to shop.

Because of the ACA mandates there isn't much difference between policies except for deductibles and copays. There isn't even much selection for deductibles. Because all policies are required to offer the same coverage there is no significant price difference from one insurance company to the next. All policies are required to cover everything after a maximum out of pocket of $6,350 per year. The only difference between a silver or bronze plan is how they add up the deductibles and copays to reach $6,350. If I fall off a roof and require $35,000 in hospital treatment it won't matter to me what plan I have because I will be paying the same portion of the total.

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It's not that easy.

I never worked for rep Timberlake's orchard but in the 80s and early 90s I worked for other orchards. Back then there were very few local workers who would do the harvesting and stick it out until the end of the season. There also are not many American migrant farm workers who follow the crops. One orchard where I worked for several harvests would maintain a crew of 20 pickers. They brought in 10 Jamaicans and hired 10 locals at the beginning of the season. I never saw more than 2 local workers last through the season. Housing migrant workers is a rather large expense for a farmer. Every farmer I know would prefer to hire local labor to avoid that expense but even during times of high unemployment there are not enough locals who will do the work. The pay scale was not what kept locals from sticking it out. They didn't like having to keep a quick pace to meet quotas and they thought the standards were too high for picking only the ripe fruit without bruising it. In simpler terms they were wimps.