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That Francis Tuite was arrested AGAIN for burglary how many times does he have to rob people before he is permanently kept behind bars!!! Seriously this system makes me mad!!

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So thankful that this man

So thankful that this man will pay for his crimes. IF any of you knew Erica you would know that she was a victim in this whole thing. Ya she made a choice to be around drugs (alot of people do btw most of the people you pay to see in movies or the people you listen to on your mp3 player just for example)  but you know what that doesn't define a person or give anyone the right to shoot you EVER!!  RIP Erica miss you sweetie!!

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Just think these are not all

Just think these are not all the crimes and robberies. My building was broken into on Nov. 25 and its not on here. Over 1000.00 worth of power tools were taken. Luckily the idiot tried to pawn them and LPD was able to recover most of our property. So I am very thankful... but it worries me that we aren't being told about all the crimes in this city.