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Save the bridge!

Save the iron bridge. It's beautiful; it's irreplaceable.

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This story continues to be unclear as often as it appears in the news. Does Rufus Griscom object to the county's maintaining East Madrid Road at all, or does he only think it should be done in some different way?

I am interested in East Madrid Road because I am interested in the old narrow gauge railroad. The intersection spoken of, where Potato Hill Road and Barnjum Road meet East Madrid Road is actually an old railroad crossing. I have used that intersection occasionally to reach Perham Junction and other points on the railroad path from Reeds to Redington.

I don't know Rufus Griscom, but from his name I assume that he is related to Bronson Griscom, who used to own a farm in that vicinity. Bronson Griscom was apparently something of a rail fan, since he adopted the Sanders station building and put it on his land; he also adopted the Fairbanks station building and put it on another property he owned in Fairbanks.

I would very much regret East Madrid Road's becoming unusuable, since at present there is no substitute for it in reaching certain historically interesting locations.

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We had a good Farmington tradition called Moonlight Madness which always took place in the last week of July. Suddenly for the past several years this hasn't been good enough for somebody downtown, and we've been subjected to a series of arbitrary changes, none of which improved the traditional festival one whit. At first they just changed the name; now they have to change the timing by over a month, with no explanation. Next year I suppose it will be something else. Somebody must be benefiting by all this messing around, but it isn't the people of Farmington!