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Temporary rescue home available

Do the snakes need a temporary home? I have experience in raising ball pythons and would love to rescue the fire victims until the owners can regroup.

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More investigative reporting, please

Kudos to Lindsey Tice and Scott Taylor for some much needed investigative reporting, and to the editors at SJ for printing this. Though the report was not exhaustive, as some commentators would have liked, the information presented was useful for the scope of vision it was intended to serve. Should Tice and Taylor go further with this, I agree with Claire Gamache who recommended reporting data that compares the expenditures in each city for special education and technology. I say "well done" for this report, and I would encourage more of this type of journalism.

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It's not "between each other"

My sentiments exactly, Kathy. That is the great thing about Facebook is that there can be transparency among us and our government leaders. Some have commented that Mayor Labonte is acting childish? I often feel like Bob McDonald presents himself as a bully.