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Proud Patient

I have been a patient of CMO ofr a very long time. I have had multiple surgeries for an accident that nearly took my leg and left me with a permanent back injury. These doctors were the most caring, kind, and skilled doctors around. They have done all of the appropriate interventions and treatments to ensure the best outcome possible for me. They are wonderful doctors and I would never go elsewhere.

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Here we go....Some kids

Here we go....Some kids vandalize the cemetary so the homeless need to move. Why is it like this? The homeless do not like being homeless, they too wish they had a warm bed in an enclosed space to call home. If evveryone wants them gone then stop shipping our money and aid to other countries for their homeless and hungry and start working on helping ours here!

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I guess my finger is pointing

I guess my finger is pointing but not just at the local law enforcement but also at hypocrites like you. You want to ensure that you do not have to see the homelessness that exists in our towns, cities, or in the state and nation. Why is that? Is it because you do not care if they are homeless as long as you have a roof over your head and food to fill your belly? Do you realize that a full 80% of the homeless are ill and need assistance but people like you vote to refuse help? How much have you sent to Haiti this year or Chile? Or the gulf coast to assist with the cleanup effort. If people can give to those in other states and other countries, don't you believe they should start by giving at home in their own towns? Maybe then, we can ALL sleep in a bed under cover every night.