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With as often as this guy changed the name of his dealerships, you know something had to be going on. I thought it was a money thing, but potentially putting peoples lives at risk is serious stuff. He should get more than a month suspension now.

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Before Lepage

I am sure that this did not happen overnight. It has been going on for years. I bet it was even going on while Baldacci was in there. Maybe before. Hope they get to the bottom of it, no matter who is to blame

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Design has a lot to do with it

I hung my mailbox 14 1/2 years ago. Never been replaced or touched other than to get a bigger box per the mail carriers suggestion. Hung on chains so it swings a little. Door stays shut when the plow passes by. I live on a state maintained road so they plow more often, but only go 15 or 20 mph.