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Time to nix the LMS addition out front?

Voters probably shouldn’t have voted for the first Lewiston Middle School renovation proposal that came along. A no vote would have forced them to re-consider other options that might not have included constructing the addition out front.
I won’t argue with the fact that renovating the existing school needed to happen but I suspect the proposed addition in front of the Middle School, to house primarily school administration and a library, is a significant portion of that $9M. I find it odd that renovation and addition costs were originally proposed seperately but were later combined when it came time to vote.
Going by numbers reported in the March 6th Sun Journal school budget story $60 dollars or 83% of this now $72 per $150,000 tax increase are tied to the Middle School renovation. Perhaps it's time to nix the addition out front and lower the increase to something like $35 per $150,000?
Let's not forget, we still have a municipal budget tax increase that will most likely be in addition to this school budget tax increase.

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Another entitlement?

So lets see here, if my wife and I make $29K each for a combined income of $58K we'd have to pay for our kids to go to college. But if we got divorced then our kids could go for free? Way to encourage two parent families Augusta! This is just another entitlement program that working families will have to pay twice for. Once for their own kids and again for someone else's.

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Simply Put

After everything obama bin laden, a.k.a. barack hussein has done to this Country, it's about time someone tells him to go to hell!