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sometimes i cannot believe the things that are posted here. i'm glad it's not a matter of life and death...

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eating fish from the andy i don't think so.. but more has to be done to clean the river bed itself , as it was use as a dump, when i was a kid 40 years ago for more than liquids.. back when it was ignored / abused / accepted to dump anything in it as it was out of sight out of mind. it is a great resource and needs respect of all those years of abuse.

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A Maine Company could have been hired, or a group of local contractors to review city codes/ordinances , or independent workshops with the later , Not sending our money to FLA company.. Florida does not have the experience to review codes here.,, totally different latitude. Mr. Aho I am not alone in questioning your reasoning on things, not only this issue but others that you are proposing or have already have done.