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Kathy Williamson

Unfort this is exactly ObamaCare in Maine. This "Narrow Network" dreamed up by Maine Health and Anthem is one of two insurance plans offered as an exchange. Unfort, this has the potential to make people shift their providers. It is already being rumored that Anthem will want to roll all their policies into this plan, including all the large policies that are written for large companies, schools etc. If that happens, I'm afraid CMHG will be, in very short order, be forced out of business. This would devastate health care for Western Maine if Bridgton and Rumford close. No one, not Stevens or MMC will have the capacity to cover all the people who use CMHG for services now.

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I'm glad they're concentrating on the really important stuff.

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Went there 2 years ago and head back in June for a conference. For as many people that are there, it was very low key. Strong police presence, tons of private security. I'm surprised there isn't more trouble. Typically press overreaction in my opinion.