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people do not read and article incomplete

There is nothing which states that this woman is raising and selling pups. She could just as logically have a sled team and/or show dogs; so, don't jump on the monetary bandwagon. Kennel licenses are pretty useless for sled dogs or show dogs; both of which have to be individually licensed to travel to meets.

I wonder who these people will find to sue when the coy-dogs move in.

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19th Century Fairgrounds ??

Sometimes I wish that the reporters would do a little more research ! Although the FAIR is 19th Century, the present fairgrounds has only been its home since about 1966-67. Before that, the racetrack, bleachers, midway and expo halls were all located where Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School now sits. Also, it was the Oxford COUNTY Fair ... not the Oxford (town) Fair ...but the SJ seems to have a difficult time differentiating between the county and the town in most issues.

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Hooray for Sadie

It is refreshing to see a voice of reason on here ! Stop griping and DO something that actually makes a difference. If the tide of public opinion swells high enough, the lawmakers and judges will start rethinking their opinions and decisions.