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i am hoping and praying the

i am hoping and praying the the problems of this country can be fixed, but with each passing day my doubt grows stronger. i talk to many people in my line of work and hear their pleading for change but all we get is gridlock and requests for political party contributions. time for the working man to force change.

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now as i have mentioned it

now as i have mentioned it is long past time to fix the freebies. i deal in fuel assistance and the abuse is hard to imagine. there are many cases of fraud in this program and nothing gets done even if abuses are reported. damn it, its my and my fellow tax payers monies that are being given away in the "candy store". if you can afford waterfront properties, snowmobiles, boats, 4-wheelers, and other such toys i feel its time to get your priorities straight and heat your own houses, i heat mine.