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My Goodness

To respond to your comments about LePage. If you actually did the research you would find he is correct and the "waste, fraud & abuse" is correct in Maine welfare and many other State Agencies. However, it sounds like you listen to 30 second ads put out by the Democrats attacking him versus they saying what is good about them. For example Education, under his mayoral leadership, he and the Demcrat Council have increased education spending 30% per pupil, vs what the D's ad says. that is why they pulled the ad. His campaign has been very frugal on how they spend monies. He had one of the lowest budgeted campaigns in the primary and he won. He has lowered taxes in Waterville during each of his admins, and all with a Democrat council. he changed Watervilles charter to make the Mayor less powerful too.
Do the research and you may find he is a nice guy and a hard worker, and more honest than you know. Don't base your decision on 30 second ads

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no tax pledge

Funny Libby and Scott are in the same corner of this one. IN the past 30 years she has always raised taxes. She is the smartest one when it comes to speaking out of all sides of her mouth

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woody and LL Bean closing

Woody, nice try to lay blame on a Mayor when you do not know the real story. Ll Bean moved becasue of issues with the building location, landord, and lack of parking. I find it interesting that some people think politicians can set lease rates at private buildings too. They wanted more parking spaces in the strip mall they were in but the neighbors refused to allow the developer to add more. this was the situation years ago by a MA owned strip mall. Politicians do not negotiate lease rates. But under your President that may be the direction we are going in.