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It is simple ....

Undo the wrongful cut on taxes for the wealthy, and increase the sales tax by 1/2 %. Services are what make our society a better place for all to live, particularly through the educational system.
And yes some will abuse those services. Those who abuse the system need to be dealt with, and that too needs to be funded.
Cutting what makes us a better, and a good society un - does what we are.
From what I can see of this Lepage guy, he is coming un-done. He is the idiot, not the people he calls idiots.

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Tracking ???!!!???

This man is a public official. Not only is it important that what Paul LePage does and say be recorded and publicized, it is a 1st Amendment right to those recording this elected official. Being in the public, means that, the public, and these events are public events, even though a private audience. The Governor speaks at these events, and those things he speaks of, affects all Maine citizens, not just those at the event.
It is outrageous to think he deserves some sort of privacy when speaking to anyone as Governor of the State of Maine. These are not private family matters, there is no right to privacy here.
And in my opinion, if there is an individual in this state who should be tracked, it is Paul Lepage!!!

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The pee brains are out tonight!!

The pee brains are out tonight!!! The Lepage bunch are a bunch of fruit cakes. And just what the fruit cake has become, they pass the same old cake round and round, and none actually takes a bit.