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I am in favor of the bill, although I don't think that it will pass. I receive a smaller pension after working for the state for 30 years than the Governor will get for working 4 years? Most state workers aren't even vested in the system until after 5 years. And if I'm correct, he's not even subject to the cost of living raise limits that we other state workers are subject to. And does he have to wait until normal retirement age to start receiving his pension? I don't believe so. Much of the same can be said for those serving in the legislature as well. Must be nice to be in a position to decide on your own special and lucrative retirement benefits as well as pay raises and be able to blame it on previous administrations and legislatures! Those of you who complain about state worker benefits should look at the benefits and pay your leaders provide for themselves. Maybe they should be more in line with the average state worker.

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To Cathy

Cathy, I can understand that you are trying to give a compromise. But you can't imagine how many times I have seen someone throw a butt on the ground out of habit when they are only a couple of feet from a butt can. And I have had jobs in the past where I have had to clean up the butts that inconsiderate smokers have thrown on the ground. I think that no matter how you look at it, to allow smoking in public places is a bad idea. Fines are a good start.

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Cigarette litter

Maybe not all smokers, but most. And the issue here anyway is the litter. How many smokers do you know that when walking down the street smoking a cigarette, don't just throw the butt on the ground when they're done? How many throw their cigarette butts out the window of their car rather than mess up their ashtray? Or if they do use their ashtray, how many dump it out on the street in front of someone elses house. And as to invading your space, if you have two people in any given space, whether one had to be there or not, the person who lights up is the one invading the space the moment the smoke leaves their mouth or the end of their cigarette. And as to being forced to breathe other peoples smoke, it happens every time I have to enter a building to do business and a group of people are standing just outside the door smoking away, or when I'm down wind of them at the beach trying to enjoy the fresh air. And what ever you do, don't get me going on the health issues regarding cigarettes! There is nothing good about smoking and tobacco products at all, and if all kinds of other substances are illegal because of their effects on society, maybe tobacco products should be illegal as well.