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i have been praising this

i have been praising this man from the moment i heard of his efforts.... the bf on the other hand said he would of done anything.. but yet he didnt even try.. i would like to thank this man for his effort.. i sure taylor would b too

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my family and i have alot of

my family and i have alot of questions for my sister .. what the hell was she thinkin...and like i said lena, paul, marie and i would of never ever ever let taylor go anywhere.. unless we knew she was safe.. under my rule book .. this wasnt safe nor was there a responsible parent/adult around to make sure my niece was safe.. if we would of known what was goin on.. things would b different... theres a price to pay for my nieces lose and let me assure everyone.. they will pay.. and i mean EVERYONE...get my drift...

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i know what you are saying

i know what you are saying but i can not make comments at this time..just lettin you kno ..some one if not many people will have to answer for as to why my niece die.. theres no excuse. i have my own opinions but i can not speak them rite now... i'm here for my lost niece and i have her brothers. they are now safe.