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Congratulations! Way to go

Congratulations! Way to go Jama! I am so excited for you!

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truth is minimum wage

truth is minimum wage inflation has failed. unlike most federal benchmarks there is an inequality in our system. large corporations need to be held accountable along with our government. wage inflation should be $22-28 p/hr. We need a fair system in place to help the economy, local spending, job creation... we need a system in place that provides exceptional healthcare for the working mother, disabled, elderly... we need a system in place where someone takes the lead. truth is corporations would not succeed if it weren't for the people who do the work. why sell them short?

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Larry Gilbert never said

Larry Gilbert never said anything about Levesque or Argo. That is the part that bugs me the most. If you are going to report SunJournal give the People the truth and facts. I have it on Youtube if you need to be reminded!