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Camp Waziyatah

I think the Oxford sheriffs office did a good deed and served the public interest well. The ability of the two Parker brothers to license and operate a summer camp through the state for children from 7 to 17 should be in jeopardy. As owners and operators of such a camp their responsibility is enormous and I am not the least persuaded just because all the campers had gone home the summer staff would be authorized to consume alcoholic beverages. The Parker brothers clearly authorized the event where underaged staff would be drinking alcohol in violation of state law and therefore their recklessness places their operating license and reputation in jeopardy and will have to answer to the state for alcohol related violations as well. The risk of this party getting out of control where medical services might have been needed, a fire erupting, injuries sustained, automobiles being driven by impaired underaged drivers to name a few are all real possibilities that should not be overlooked. As a former state trooper I am well aquainted with the effects of underage drinking and I do not take it lightly. The owners do not have the maturity and judgment to protect the public safety interest and should serve as a warning to others to be more vigilant.

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Wonderful Idea

Sadly though there is a deficiency in the L & A Twin Cities that must be addressed first. I continuallty see people making references to "Dirty Lewiston" and denigrating the twin cities as archaic, out of touch and dirty. It of course offends me since I am a product of the area too. I believe we must first extinguish the websites like "The Dirty Lewiston" and educate the twin cities to the talent that is there ready to be unleashed. Once peoples attitudes are changed or improved and they begin to express more pride in themselves and their communith I think they will be compelled to support such a wonderful project.