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The Governor has some valid

The Governor has some valid points here; and the opposition has also brought out some valid points. It seems the citizens of Maine should expect the two sides to sit down together and work this out to the benefit of all citizens. Those receiving benefits are entitled to quiet enjoyment of those benefits, but the taxpayers providing those benefits are entitled to justification on the use of those benefits. Using these benefits out of State in most cases is unjustified. Same for tobacco, illegal drugs, tattoos etc. And taxpayers giving out benefits to able bodied people have a right to demand they search for work and/or they perform public service work. Let's not bash this Governor or any Governor because we do not agree with him/her.


These are your tax dollars

These are your tax dollars that the Governor wants to protect from abuse. 1% may not sound like a lot of money, but if the sum represented by 1% of the total TANF funding were used it may open some eyes. Unfortunately too many of us look at the source of the proposal, Governor Lepage, in this case, and are against it. The same can be said of conservatives being against anything President Obama or any other Liberal or Democrat speaker says. We have to stop this and take these items on their own merit. To use welfare money to make bail, purchase alcohol, drugs, (not meds.),tobacco etc. is immoral. To require welfare recipients to show they have actively looked for work (or a good reason for not having looked), or allowing recipients to by pass federal rules on TANF is something that should be addressed.

The Democrats and their supporters are working very hard to replace the Governor, and this is their right, but the taxpayers deserve to be protected. The important vote will take place in November when the voters decide. Let us hope that all make a concerted effort to get the real story on this and other issues and make the effort to vote. It is your money and future at stake here.


Is it really a function of

Is it really a function of State government to limit who can operate a legal business? Gambling is not the type of business that needs to have protection usually reserved for natural monopolies. The needed function of the State in this case is to set the rules, or codes under which these businesses operate. From there anyone should be able to open such business and compete for their share of the market. To protect political favorites is wrong.