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Drug testing

When you give welfare to people on drugs you inturn help them purchase drugs.Has anyone not sean a young unemployed man with a divorced or single mother?Do you think kids being in those homes is apropriate?It is in every town in this state.Two things would take place if people were required to pass a drug test to receive a free ride at the taxpayers exspence.Many of the young women who have these fine young drug adict permanently unemployed young men livving with them would search for better men.Secound the people who get their drugs paid for by the taxpayers would have to move to another state.I guess that would be a great loss to this state but I think we can manage with that loss.Why should the law require working men and women to support welfare cheats?Drug test everyone under age 60.They say that is eleagle so here is a plan to deal with that.Force them to apply for a job then let that place do the drug test then drop them.

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Cell phones

I drove trucks for 21 years.Their is no reason for truck drivers to be talking on a cell phone while drivving.When the phone rings they can find a place to stop and return the call.They can get directions before they start drivving.That also includes drivers of all vehicles.I no this is hard for some people to grasp but years ago there were no cell phones and guess what?No one died because there was not a cell phone stuck to their heads.People kill other people while drivving and talking on cell phones.That is a fact.The hands free talking is not the answer eather.It is talking on cell phones even hands free that is a huge problem getting many people killed and it must stop.The fine must start at $1000.00 first affence.

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Wind power

So all 4 people are from out of state who came here to look after the interests of the Maine people.That sure is nice of them,however throw them in jail.Now they say the wind towers alter the water tables.As far as birds getting run over by a slow movving blade,well if they fly that slow then they need to find a new place to fly.I think we all can agrea Maine has plenty of bugs so I am not concerned about any of them getting killed.I would suggest instaling huge bug zappers on all towers however.There is truth in this whole wind story however.Keep pumping polution into the air to make power from fosil fuels and life will end.When you fight to stop clean energy you fight to cause even more polution and as a result you fight to end life on this planet.Sorry I can't agrea with you on your quest to stop clean energy.I have breathed the air in places like Newark,N.J. and rest asured I do not want the air here in Maine to become like that.You come here from out of state costing the Maine tax payers in this case a lot of money and think that is in our best interest.