Ruby Hathorne

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Okay the cop made a mistake

Okay the cop made a mistake but the girl was driving she had been drinking underage, and she was speeding so rather she was texting or not she still killed 2 people I guess I don't see the comparison here. Take away the confession you still know she was driving so she did this and should have to except the responsibility for this.

Its not about Republican's and Democrate's its about American's

It never fail's it really should not matter if they are democrat's or republican's what should matter is that they are all American's let's try and act like that is who they are actually concerned about. This is suppose to be for the good of the American people I will be honest and say I would love to be able to afford Health Care but how I will is beyond me. But I am willing to wait and see what happens without casting blame. So maybe if our elected officials could do that we could get something done.