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Who's to judge?

Legally, Gilbert is right: not everyone who serves in the National Guard is a veteran. But even going beyond legal definitions: who's best qualified to judge? Gilbert served honorably in the military during wartime; LePage (and I) did not.

Just the facts

Mark, the Tax Foundation figures agree with Maine Revenue's. What the working poor pay in state and local taxes is 17 cents on the dollar, what the middle class pays is 10, and what the wealthiest 1% pays is 9 cents.

MRS calculates property tax as a portion of rent using the latest housing and valuation stats. Renters do pay property taxes indirectly.

As for federal taxes, I would suggest those overall are unfair to the middle class but it is mixing apples and oranges to include that discussion here. If we are going to talk about federal benefits and subsidies we should be including a lot more than EITC.

Circuit breaker

Circuit breaker rebates are included in the ME Revenue calculations that show the working poor paying nearly twice as high an overall state and local rate as those making over $350k. So are the many loopholes and exemptions enjoyed by the few not the many.

I'll ignore the inappropriate insults, but please know you're arguing against Dr. Mike Allen, the Governor's chief tax economist and commissioner, whose outstanding work both Republicans and Democrats trust. The math is not mine but his.