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"Our View" of the Labor Dept Mural Removal

What a thoroughly pleasant presentation of insightful opinion! I find myself emailing a friend in Alabama who had seen an MSNBC presentation of the issue and wanted a local perspective. I was pleased to let this editorial represent my thinking. Nice work!

I notice that defensive union supporters quickly resort to the time period covered by this mural as they seek to burnish the image of the present-day labor union movement. And well they should! Back in the day, unions had an honorable and necessary role to play in the economy of this nation. We're much the better as a country because of the sacrifices and struggle characterized the early days of the union movement.

I also notice that unions don't much refer with pride to what they've been up to since, oh, WWII or so. Unions Present claim the honor due to Unions Past.

Unions, like the early Christian Church, suffered a moral decline once brought into the halls of power. The Roman Emperor's Constantine's Edict of Tolerance did more to hobble the Church than any persecution. President Roosevelt's embrace of unions on behalf of the Democrat Party did more to ruin their integrity than any corporate oppression.

Once unions became attached to the teat of government largess and got their hands on political power, everything changed. Union Bosses now match Corporate Bosses greed for greed. Union lobbyists, like corporate lobbyists, swarm around the Congress like buzzards on fresh carrion. Unions, like giant corporations, banks and the like, now need reining in, too.

Removing the mural may seem petty, but I see the removal as fair notice that the past is the past and the present is the present. Unions now hang upon the economy and our nation's politics like so many albatrosses round the neck of the Ancient Mariner. Let's put artistic depictions of the union movement's proud history where it belongs: in a museum, not in the offices of a department of government which now must objectively manage the excesses of its bloated and selfish present-day versions.

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Speaking Up For Higher Taxes?

The Journal applies a false dichotomy here: voters either embraced the new tax configurations or declared their love of high income tax rates. Not so. I think things were much more interesting and much more complicated. My own vote to repeal reflected my complete lack of trust in the people running our one-party state. Given a rich new assortment of taxes, our Democrats would ramp each in turn up to the max to pay for their purchase of voters by feeding entitlement groups at the public trough. I also voted against every un-prioritized bond issue, even those that might arguably 'pay off'.

Right wing whacko that I be, I want the focus in Augusta to center on reduced spending. I want to see a legislative culture that earns my trust with a pattern of pro-business legislation and with a demonstrated knack for program pruning and program accountability. I want the bureaucracy to shrink and the private sector encouraged to grow. Yeah-open the state for business!

The tax configuration and schedule that such a government presents would at least get a second look based on my respect for their intentions. Democrats intend to spend us into oblivion with government largesse that, of course, demands confiscatory levels of taxation. Having a cornucopia of taxes to fiddle with simply begs for Democrat mischief. I simply do not trust anything they propose at this point!

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LePage on Welfare

I think that LePage's experience as a homeless kid on welfare likely give him a uniquely useful platform from which to reconfigure how welfare gets administered in this state. I have no idea whether his campaign will go anywhere, but he has my vote. I have a step-niece now in her late forties. She has never worked a day in her life. Except for one brief stint out of state with boy-friend #15, Maine has provided her with medical operations, false teeth, apartments, transportation and enough money to support several addictive involvements. There must be reasonable and affordable ways to support the truly broken or down on their luck, but our state's system has gotten so out of hand, real needs will go unmet while the state goes broke. The mess is a Democrat Party mess. Their appeals to concepts of social justice or sympathy have merged with shrewd instincts for political opportunity to create multiple entitlement groups that insure two things:perpetual re-election and destruction of the states economy, politics and culture.

Way to go, Dems. Another couple of terms in leadership and you'll truly finish us all off. Bankrupt and violent Greece represents our future.