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Something about all this is VERY ROTTEN. I am kinda gob-smacked that this could happen in Maine................ It's easy to believe that such things could happen
'somewhere else'! Makes me quite sad that it took place where I always thought we looked-out for one-another...............

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Made me smile!

Of all the crabby, stupid, politically-nutso stuff that gets commented-on via the LSJ, I am shocked that nobody has taken a minute to appreciate and comment on the devotion, love, and simply feel-good vibes associated with this story about the Reeds. It says so many nice things about Maine and the folks who live there, the very nice town that Lewiston is, at its heart when not lost in politics and silliness, and about how we all simply need to "love one another".......something seemingly lost in our online/on-net/too snippy world! Never knew them while we lived in Lewiston, but think this is one of the nicest things I've read in this paper (online from FL) for a very, very long time!! Simply LOVED IT!! I wish the Reeds many more years of happiness and hope all those kids continue to spread the good will.

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He will live another 10+++ years on his 'carefully regimented medications'.

The whole drill is laughable.

"Justice" in Maine is a joke,