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Response to "The basic functions are"

“The basic functions are enumerated in the constitution.”

Response: There has been much interpretation of the constitution; therefore your understanding and definition of basic functions may be different from mine. So let me ask the question again, what are “the basic function(s) outlined at the birth of the country"? Please provide current day examples.

“Checks and balances are no more nor less than we have today under the constitution.”
“The government makes the tax laws, regulations, and policies. It is not working.”

Response: Are you implying checks and balances would work today if the government was not complicit as you indicate? If so, what changes would you recommend to address complicity? Would it be reversal of Citizens United? Would it be term limits in the House and Senate, and/or Supreme Court? Please provide include data.

“Since individual consumers have more resolve than the government”
“Let the people decide and influence with their spending habits to temper
corporate greed. That what is already happening today.”

Response: Please provide current day examples with supporting data where spending habits have tempered corporate greed. Also, what differences if any do you see between the consumer’s ability to temper corporate greed in a small town versus a large city?

“the problems you have cited would not be possible of the federal government controlled fewer dollars, at least they would have less money to misappropriate.”

Response: Which revenue sources currently received by the government would you pull back into the population? Please quantify at a high level or percentage.

“Blame the Husband, not the prostitute”

Response: How would you rehabilitate the husband? Can the husband be rehabilitated? Should the wife seek divorce, separation? Extending your metaphor, who gets custody of the children and who are the children?

Thanks - Tom

Government; Checks and Balances

“Government is comprised of men (and women) who are subject to human vices, such as greed and corruption.”

Response: Greed is easily argued to be society’s greatest vice; and where there is money, there is greed.

Greed unchecked in the private sector results in the removal of all services, greed unchecked in the public sector results in excessive waste, and greed unchecked in the individual results in an over use of services; entitlement becomes the norm.
“Government should be downsized to provide the basic function outlined at the birth of the country.”

Questions: From your perspective what are “the basic function outlined at the birth of the country?” And where do checks and balances exist, if any, to address greed and corruption?

Smaller Government.

My sense is you support smaller government as it cannot be trusted.