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Tap Water

I am sorry, I could not disagree more. There is a lot wrong with our tap water. I use a sleep apnia mask at night and ran out of bottled water. I filled the tank with tap water and took the mask off after about two minutes. The smell of chlorine was so strong. I can no longer drink tap water because of the chlorine. What do you think the chlorine, and other additives, are doing to your body? It can't be good for us.

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The Real Saudi Arabia

Danforth should try to talk to someone other than academics. His story on Saudi Arabia and the way they think is laughable. I lived there for two years. Danforth visited academics for a few weeks. I studied their beliefs and the beginning of their country under King Saud. There is little, or no tolerance for Christians or other religions by the Muslims in Saudi. Bibles are not allowed in Country, and you will not find a church. The embassies were moved from Jeddah because the clerics thought they were becoming far too western. In Riyadh they would have much more control over the people. Their religion has never been a religion of peace. The whole purpose of Islam is world domination, and the destruction of all infidels. They can lie and tell the gullible anything they think they want to hear, because they are infidels and infidels are less than people. Danforth can kid himself all he wants, he needs to live amongst them for a couple of years. Attend some of their beheadings and canings in the square on their holy day, Friday. They tolerate no deviation from the Koran and Sharia.

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Native Americans

Yes, that is true. And they could not vote....