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Selling Pot

Reading this story makes me heartsick but reading the response about "what are they teaching at EL is disgusting more than heartsick. My son and 2 grandaughters graduated from EL and are doing great and a credit to EL and so can anyone that goes there. If you choose to make nothing of your life you can learn that anywhere. The fact that he was an honor student is pathetic to say the least but isn't anyone honor student or not smart enough not to buy a brownie or anything else from someone just standing at a bus stop? Maybe those girls should have had breakfast before they left home. I think those girls need to be taught a good lesson as well as punishment for the boy and hopefully ones they will remember. Recently we had a rash of home burglaries in which I have been led to believe the guilty ones have been caught but the fact that the punishment does not fit the crimes does not lead to determent. If you have never had someone come into your home and go through your things even though taking nothing trust me you feel totally violated. It was done in broad daylight which leads you to think that they weren't scared of being caught, they don't attend school nor do they work so guess they didn't learn that at EL and when you read about these kids being picked up and released in their parents custody I ask "isn't that where they were when they committed the crimes?"

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food stamps

First off we should be able to decide as we are the ones paying for it and many people working can't afford to buy that stuff for their own children. I would suggest instead of fighting for junk food that they be allowed to buy toilet paper but don't hear any of them complaining about that. If they are so upset cause they can't get their kids junk food and the junk food people are arguing cause they want to take soda, chip or whatever machines out of the schools cause of so much obesity and yet they will fight to be able to buy it with the food stamps. Don't make sense. I don't think not letting a child have junk food in the long run is considered depriving your child. We used to get an apple if we wanted a snack. Isn't that good enough for kids nowadays? Buy a cake mix and make 18 cupcakes and will have enough for their lunches for awhile. Oh yeah that would mean stirring and all that work. I don't hate anyone rich or poor and I don't like being accused of it when am just stating facts and common sense. Its no worse for parents nowadays to "make do" which we had to do but we have just made it to easy for them to do nothing. Kids sitting in front of a big flat screen tv eating there snacks and playing video game. Could it be lack of exercise that is causing the obesity in children?

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Buying junk food

When I said people on food stamps were buying pizza when my son was small that was alot of years ago but it did happen at Georgia's on Minot Ave. so am not going to argue that point and yes maybe they have changed it but there are people working that can't afford junk food or cigarettes. To which am I upset with food or cigarettes. The answer is BOTH. I see no difference if my tax dollars furnish them. I am not talking about the poor guy that lost his job and needs help. I am talking about the ones that make their living off all of our tax dollars. Why does everyone think you hate people just cause you are sick of supporting them when they don't even try or plan to try to get a job. I don't hate anyone but I am getting pretty fed up with the whole system and the ones that play it.