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Right on Jon

Most of the legislature was asleep at the wheel when the wind law was rushed through. The 8 mile zone is capricious and arbitrary and was dreamed up when the accepted turbine height was 389 ft. With the 500 ft turbines the 8 mile zone should be kicked out to at least 32 miles. It only makes sense to revisit the wind law when developers push the limits to see how much they can get away with.
I was at the landing on Upper Pond with the wind blowing TOWARD the Rollins turbines. With whitecaps on the lake and the wind whipping in the branches overhead, I could still hear the turbines roaring non stop.more than a mile away!
Maine can do without wind power and I couldn't care less about the energy gluttons to the South, nor the bank accounts of the white collar criminals intent on depriving Mainers of their property rights and constitutional rights.

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Kaz is right again

A more accurate headline might have been "Citizens' Rights Bill Quashed By Dems"or " Mainers' Rights...Unimportant?"

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Karen is right

Jeremy Payne is paid to sugar coat windsprawl and promote turbinescapes. There is no defending the taking of rights of the residents of the UTs . They should have a say in what impacts their families and property. It is really about people who were there long before schemers decided to rip off the gov. for an industrial fairy tale which is proving to be an even worse idea than we ever imagined.