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Carry the parody further

Why not avoid the conflict with the USOC by carrying the parody a bit further and using a redneck play on their name utilizing other words which they don't own, such as "Redneck Ol' Limb Picks" ?

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Rt 2 & 4 in Wilton

Both these routes are very long. Rt. 4 comes up from Auburn and runs to Rangely. Rt 2 goes from Western VT to Bangor and further north.  They join in Wilton just past the Jay town line and travel together to Farmington, where Rt. 4 goes north to Rangely and Rt. 2 continues eastward.  This crash scene is on the section where they run together, but almost all the local people just refer to this section as "Rt.2", probably because Rt. 2 is a U.S. designation and Rt. 4 is a state highway.


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Ban this user

Madeshopping needs to be banned from this site. This is not designed for your multiple advertisements every day. I won't go to your site just because you are abusing this system for your own gain.