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Soon it will be over

I consider my a conservative and I for one did not vote for this bigot. During his campaign the only message I got from him was that he did not care for Somalis or anyone who was at or below the poverty line. Now we all know that there are those in Lewiston who abuse public assistance of all forms but honestly many other issues facing the city at the time of his election and even still were 100 times more important to me than his crusade against welfare and immigrants.
I feel the same way about our governor as well. I was excited to finally get a republican governor until I realized the only thing his mind can think to do to fix our states economic woes was to gut DHS and mainecare. These two are not true conservatives if you ask me, they are crusaders against the less fortunate.

Honestly a waste of taxpayer money

I have to say I think marijuana bust are a waste of time and money. It is now legal for medicinal use and if the government just taxed it and legalized it we may actually make a dent in state and federal deficits. I am completely against the hard stuff but marijuana? Here is an interesting national statistic....

" State and local justice costs for marijuana arrests are now estimated to be $7.6 billion, approximately $10,400 per arrest. Of this total, annual police costs are $3.7 billion, judicial/legal costs are $853 million, and correctional costs are $3.1 billion."

I understand, however paired

I understand, however paired with his less than spotless record I was profiling. For people that really do need the meds I completely understand but sadly many people in this state have lost themselves in a pill bottle.