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This is a good, and bad story

Good for you Mayor LaBonte, thank you for standing up for what is right.
To this person who decided to challenge a woman's right to vote, eb\\because he had a feeling,,,,
Sir you should take a deep look inside yourself and try and discover what gave you this feeling. Just because someone looks or talks different than you??? That, in many people's eyes, makes you a racist. Time for some soul searching sir.

Our society has come way to far for people to try to stand in our citizens way, because of their color, or national origin.

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no surprise

Not making comment on this case, but on the trend overall.
when was the last time the use of excess force was not justified? I do not recall, ever, hearing that a police officer in Maine was reprimanded in anyway for the use of force on a citizen.
Is this just another rubber stamp approval by our attorney general?
Of the scores of uses of force, the dozens of departments, thousands of officers, is there never even one instance of wrongdoing?

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he has not done great work.

he has not done great work. he spends a massive amount of time blogging, while being paid by maine taxpayers to oversee the finances of the state, criticizing other maine citizens. he used his influence, while treasurer, to influence the government of georgetown to grant him a variance to property use laws while it was opposed by every abutting property owner. and the fact that his businesses make no money should be a sign that as a mad businessman, he is a bad fit as a treasurer or in any elected/appointed office.