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Yes, I think that Vale St

Yes, I think that Vale St should be one way towards Sabattus St. Citizens going down Sabattus St from Saint Marys direction will only turn right on Central and are right at the Armoury in moments. When they leave they can go up Central past the middle shool, and turn right then they are back on Sabattus.

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I have been thinking about

I have been thinking about this a lot. I myself am having a hard time with finances. When I was younger I always wanted a nice house, a new car, etc etc. Now I'm just going to rent an apartment, buy a used car that is dependable, and one that does not have a huge loan to cover it. It just about seems the almost 'safe' way to live today without going under water on loans or anything else.

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When did tax credits really

When did tax credits really become the standard over location to have jobs in certain places??? Why not just find an area that is good for your business and just setup shop? BNAS would of been perfect but I guess we don't give enough tax breaks so company's could save more money that they can pocket.