UU Theater show follows Katrina’s devastating path


AUBURN — UU Theater will present “The Katrina Project: Hell and High Water,” by Michael Marks and Mackenzie Westmoreland, on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 6-7, at First Universalist Church of Auburn.

To mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans, this multi media show offers inside glimpses of the national tragedy Mainers watched from afar. Through words and pictures, the show will also salute those who journeyed to help rebuild New Orleans.

Cast members are Glen Atkins, Lorelei Greenwood and Eileen Messina; and an ensemble cast including Cynthia Alexandre, Sabine Bartlett, Iliana Corey, Jourdan Fanning, John Henderson, Karen Lane, Nina Lindley, Mary Osborne, James Reese, Raj Sharma, Ron Spofford and Madeline Strange. The show is co-directed by Toby Haber and Karen Lane.

“The Katrina Project” will begin at 7 p.m. on Saturday and at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $5. First Universalist Church of Auburn is at 169 Pleasant St. For more information, call 783-0461 or visit www.auburnuu.org.