V. Rogers: Background checks benefit everyone


Yes, better mental health care. Benefits everybody. Yes, get automatic assault weapons out of the hands of the public. Benefits everybody. Yes, get the over-sized clips out of the hands of the public. Benefits everybody.

Defending yourself doesn’t require spraying enough bullets to kill an army.

The elephant in the room is the “entertainment” industry that teaches that power is being the attacker, and that blowing away people with assault weapons is entertaining, fun and powerful, via video games, movies, videos and music. It’s not the media, which decries that kind of action over and over and over and over.

If someone is glorying in blasting the “enemy,” or bringing up their kids with this as fun, power and entertainment, they need to think about their part in the problem. What are they teaching? Does it benefit everybody to think gun violence is entertaining, fun and a way to be powerful?

Yes, background checks benefit everybody. Every gun sale should be required to undergo a comprehensive background check. Nuff said.

Vickie Rogers, Otisfield