Vandals wreck dozens of autos in used-car lot


GARDNER, Mass. (AP) – About 50 cars in a used car lot were destroyed by vandals who used front-end loaders to fling and flatten the automobiles.

“It looked like a tornado, a hurricane, something went through here,” Michael Rahaim, co-owner of LaJoies Used Auto Parts, said. “It’s amazing.”

The vandals – who witnesses saw destroying the cars over the weekend – caused about $100,000 worth of damage, police said.

Police have offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the four or five vandals who wrecked the cars on Sunday.

LaJoies Used Auto Parts owned half the cars, which were going to be stripped for parts or fixed up and resold.

The others were being stored by customers.

“I’m really mad,” said Fitchburg resident Jose Garcia, whose 1993 Acura Integra was crushed and had a hole poked through its roof. “I don’t think it’s fair. They might think it was fun, but it’s not fun because you hurt other families.”

The vandals apparently hopped a fence to get into the lot, then started the loaders with keys left in them.