Turner teen dies in collision with pickup as he tries crossing Route 4


TURNER — A Turner teen was killed early Wednesday when a car and truck collided at routes 4 and 117.

Police said Alan Coffin, 17, died when his car collided with a pickup hauling a trailer shortly before 7:30 a.m. Coffin was crossing Route 4, investigators said, and drove directly into the path of the oncoming Dodge.

Investigators said Nicholas Dupile, 35, of Turner, was driving north on Route 4 in the truck when it plowed into the side of Coffin’s Suzuki Forenza.

The two vehicles spun into a Dodge pickup driven by Harry Haylock, 45, of Hartford, who was headed south.

Haylock and Dupile escaped the crash without injury.

It was believed that Coffin was on his way to school when the crash occurred. He was traveling west on Route 117, police said, and had stopped at the intersection of Route 4.


When Coffin attempted to drive across the intersection, he pulled into the path of Dupile’s truck, which was hauling a trailer loaded with farm equipment.

Police closed the intersection for nearly five hours as the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department began its investigation. Deputy Jon Guay was leading the investigation. Maine State Police assisted with a crash reconstruction.

Coffin is the son of Oxford Police Sgt. Alan Coffin, who was notified of the crash early Wednesday.

The teen was a student at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School and had been studying computer technology.

Emergency personnel and police work at the scene of a fatal car accident in Turner on Wednesday morning. (Andree Kehn/Sun Journal)

One person was killed in a Wednesday morning crash at routes 4 and 117 in Turner. (WGME photo)

Authorities respond to a crash that closed Route 4 in Turner on Wednesday morning. (WGME photo)

  • Terry L. Karkos

    uh TV reports say the crash happened this morning, not yesterday. Check your first sentence in lede

    • Sorry. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Linda L

      I did read an article stating that there was an accident yesterday at the same intersection; however, I could not find anymore information about that accident. I know for a fact that there was an accident at that intersection this morning (Wednesday), because my son came upon it shortly after it happened when he was on his way to work.

    • Savannah Emrich

      i knew the guy in the crash . . .went to school with him

      • Christina

        I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve been there and I know how hard it is. I hope you and your classmates are coming together and supporting each other during this difficult time. <3

    • Joe

      I’m sorry if I’m missing the point , but who cares when it happened, a young man passed away, way to early in life , so instead of first comment being one of sympathy and condolence we need to point out a grammatical error, Priorities are in the wrong place. I worked with the father and my heart breaks for him and the Mother, no parent should have to go through this.

      • Michael Gagne

        evidently Terry just likes to prove whats wrong with the articles and has no actual substance to what he comments on, just like to point out grammar mistakes

      • Christina

        I agree. Unfortunately, several of my classmates in high school passed away. I’ve stayed in touch with one of the mothers and, 11 years later, her heart is still shattered. No parent should ever lose a child; it is a truly unbearable loss and I cannot express how deep my sympathy is for this family.

  • cr4562d

    Way too many crashes like this at this intersection. The DOT needs to step up and make this a 4 way stop.