Veteran firefighter named fire rescue chief


LIVERMORE FALLS – Tim “TD” Hardy of Farmington is the new chief of the Livermore Falls Fire Department. He’s looking forward to the job, he said.

Livermore Falls selectmen voted unanimously Monday night to appoint him to the position.

“We had a lot of good candidates,” Town Manager Kristal Flagg said. She selected four candidates to interview from 12 who submitted applications.

The four “were very capable, very bright and very passionate,” she said.

“I look forward to working with you guys,” Hardy told selectmen and Flagg.

“We’re glad to have you,” Flagg said.

Hardy, 33, has been a firefighter for nearly 16 years with the Farmington Fire Rescue Department. He worked his way up through the ranks and has spent the last 11 years as lieutenant. He will continue to belong to that department and work per diem as well as serve as chief of Livermore Falls. Among his duties in Farmington are fire inspections and helping Fire Chief Terry Bell with some of the administrative work.

Firefighting has been in his family for years and it has always been the thing that he loved most, Hardy said.

“Most kids were into sports; I was into firefighting,” he said.

His father, Tim Hardy, is deputy chief of the Farmington Department and he is also the director of Franklin County Emergency Management Agency.

The younger Hardy is a 1997 graduate of Mt. Blue High School in Farmington.

Taking the next step to become a fire chief has always been something he was interested in, he said.

“My goal is to be a full-time chief some day,” Hardy said.

The Maine Fire Service Institution named Hardy the Maine Fire Instructor of the Year in 2012. He helps provide Firefighter I and II classes, for the institution around the state.

Hardy has been involved with training in Livermore Falls and knows a fair amount of firefighters in the department. He has also helped with the Foster Career and Technical Education Center’s firefighting program since it started years ago. He also has an emergency medical technician background. And, he owns his own lawn care business

Anything that he may change with the Livermore Falls Fire Department would have to do with training, he said.

“I have two basic goals: To keep all firefighters safe and make sure they all go home at night; and to make sure there are well-trained firefighters to respond” to calls, he said.

Hardy and his wife, Bett, have two sons, Jackson, 6, and Ben, 2.

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