Veterans memorial stone to be unveiled


DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for running my March 17 letter with reference to the Veterans Memorial Park. The letter was most productive, as we had several dozen veterans and/or family members call for the applications and advice as to how to retrieve their military forms and acquire an application. I wish to repeat the process here.

To get the name engraved on a stone is rather simple. First, you need a copy of his/her DD214, 215, 217-MC or WD AGO 53-55. Should you be unable to locate one of these records, contact the national Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Ave., St. Louis, MO 63132-5100, 314-801-0800, Fax 314-801-9195.

In order to get the proper application, contact the L&A Veterans Council or Joe Paradis, 786-0488.

The Veterans Memorial is not limited to veterans in Lewiston-Auburn; it also includes the surrounding communities. There is a small fee of $35 for the engraving.

On May 28 a dedication of the monument for the unknown soldier is expected to take place. Unveiling and blessing of the monument is expected to take place on this day as well, following the dedication for the 21st stone. — Marguerite Paradis (no relation to Joe), Lewiston

ANSWER: For anyone who wishes to send in or request an application, this is the address that she was given: L & A Veterans Council, P.O. Box 2316, Lewiston, ME 04241. Also, the person being memorialized can still be living.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am having a problem with Lion Homespun yarn, which is used for prayer shawls. Usually it’s thin spots for several inches or feet or messed-up spinning for several feet. Today the blue sky yarn I’m using seems to have a core of white thread that comes out of the yarn in a tightly twisted corkscrew.

I sent my cut-out, messed-up areas to the manufacturer in New Jersey to complain. I buy my yarns at several different stores, so I can’t tell who sold me the second-quality yarn. Is anyone else having this problem? — No Name, Otisfield

ANSWER: If the manufacturer fails to respond adequately to your complaint, Sun Spots suggests you consider switching brands. Sun Spots is far from an expert when it comes to sewing and crafts, but she was previously referred to Halcyon Yarns in Brunswick (800-341-0282) as a place that has a large inventory. It certainly has a good website ( Readers will undoubtedly have suggestions as well. Perhaps there are Maine-made yarns you can use.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Last summer someone inquired about the significance of Amish starts on local homes. According to, here’s what the various colors mean.

Black — protection, also used to blend or blind elements together

Blue — protection, peace, calmness and spirituality

Brown — Mother Earth, also can mean friendship and strength

Green — growth, fertility, success in things and ideas that grow

Orange — abundance in career projects and matters needing an added push

Red — emotions, passion, charisma, lust and also creativity

Violet — things that are sacred

White — purity, power of the moon, allows energy to flow freely

Yellow — health in body and mind, love of man and the sun, connection to God

— C.A., Sabattus

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