Vets are working for vets


PORTLAND — Maine veterinarians, in connection with Pawsitive Dognosis LLC have established a “Vets for Vets” program to sharply reduce the cost of veterinary care for service dogs, which are vital companions to Maine military veterans with service connected PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury ,disabilities.

The Maine Veterinary Medical Association has been working for over a month with one such veteran, Sean McDonough RN, BSN (USN/USA) and his nonprofit, Pawsitive Dognosis, LLC to set up a network of veterinary practices which have volunteered to provide these at free or reduced fees to veterans.

Maine residents with documented service connected PTSD/TBI and who wish to participate in the “Vets for Vets” network should contact Sean McDonough through the Pawsitive Diagnosis (Paw Dog). Veterans will be matched with a participating veterinarian in their area. The service dogs will be provided with free exams and certain vaccinations; other services will be steeply discounted.