Vienna voters head topolls Friday before Saturday’s town meeting


VIENNA — Voters head to the polls Friday to elect town officers before gathering Saturday for the annual town meeting.

The polls will be open from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday at the Community Building, said Dodi Thompson, first selectman. Voters will elect town officials with no other questions on the ballot.

All three selectmen, Thompson, Chris Smith and Brian Church seek re-election to their yearly seats and are running unopposed, she said.

Town Clerk and Tax Collector Connie Smith is seeking re-election but is being challenged for the one-year position by Annie Tibbetts.

Voters will also decide whether to re-elect Road Commissioner Linwood Meader or elect Danny Goucher who is also seeking the one-year position.

Town members will meet at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Community Building to make decisions on the budget for the upcoming year, she said.

While $531,241 was appropriated last year, selectmen have lowered the road budget to bring that figure down to $486,489.

During last year’s meeting, voters decided to tack on an additional $50,000 for roads, she said. While the town used the money and like other towns could use more for roads, the board lowered the budget again to help people pay their taxes, she added.

Most other items on the budget are pretty much the same as last year. There’s a little difference here and there, she added.

Town reports were mailed out to residents last Friday giving them a week to look over the warrant.

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