Vietnam vets should be proud


This is Vietnam Veteran Recognition Week. I know that many Vietnam veterans were never thanked for your service. Even though I was just a child when the Vietnam War was going on, I want to thank each and every one of them.

Many of them were barely 18 years old and thrown into the horror of a very unpopular war.

I have read a lot about the Vietnam War, from both the political view and the soldiers’ view, and I could not imagine the hardship and misery that most Vietnam veterans went through. And then, when they came home, there was even more misery. There were no parades or welcome home celebrations.

Today’s troops have satellite links and the Internet to communicate with loved ones. All the Vietnam vets had were an occasional letter. And the media would write about only the bad things a few did, not the great accomplishments most soldiers were part of.

From what I have read, and some of the stories I have been told, Vietnam veterans can stand proud. They deserve to.

And, I also thank the women who served in Vietnam. While the men were in the jungle fighting for their being, the women were back in the field hospitals, patching up the wounded so they could live another day, or taking care of logistics. Many of those women was forced to make decisions that a doctor would normally make in order to keep a wounded soldier alive.

Palmer Hebert, commander, Post 3335, Jay