Vocabulary oracle, fated, zephyr, imprint


Facts and details: Literal meaning

How many sisters were in the family?

Why did people stare at Psyche?

What goddess became jealous of her?

Who used his magic so nobody would want to marry Psyche?

Who lived in the mansion with Psyche?

What’s going on? Reading comprehension

Why does Venus ask her son, Cupid, to ruin Psyche’s love life?

What are the two reasons that Cupid falls in love with Psyche?

Why do Psyche’s parents go to the oracle?

Why does Psyche feel that it’s all right for her to have to marry “an inhuman creature?”

What clues would lead you to think that Psyche is brave?

In your own words…

Psyche’s husband says he wants her to get to know him, and to love him, before she sees what he looks like. What do you think she will find, when she finally gets to see him? List the clues in the story that make you feel this way.

Newspaper activity

Read the wedding and engagement announcements in the paper. Now try to come up with a similar announcement for Psyche. You will have to use some imagination! Remember that this would probably be written by her parents, so you will have to make it positive in tone, even though they personally were not happy about things!