Volunteers honored at CMMC banquet


LEWISTON – A Lewiston woman who has given more than 17,000 hours of volunteer service to Central Maine Medical Center was among those honored at the hospital’s recent volunteer appreciation banquet.

Eileen Danforth, who has given 17,040 hours of service, was among the many adult volunteers recognized for their contributions to CMMC. Other volunteers honored for exceptionally long records of service included former CMMC employee Mary Nichols of Lewiston, who has donated 16,648 hours, and Anita Belanger of Greene, with 15,958 hours. Helen McGuire of Lewiston was congratulated on her 11,155 hours of service.

Long-time Emergency Department volunteer Hartley Fogg of Auburn was recognized for 10,220 hours, and Marie Vickery of Auburn was congratulated for giving 10,101 hours.

Ray Ames of Lewiston, a volunteer who has given 9,244 hours, and Dick Leavitt of Auburn, with 9,325 hours, were other honorees recognized for their many years of service. Other long-time volunteers included Annette Dubuc of Lewiston, 8,292 hours, Mary Ann Jackman of Minot, 7,000 hours, Phyllis Latlippe of Auburn, 6,720 hours, and Pauline Fournier of Lewiston, 6,089 hours.

Recognized for giving 5,001 to 6,000 hours were Lora Clark of Auburn, 5,080; Dick Gould of Brunswick, 5,468; Harold Lucas of Auburn, 5,822; Don Nason of Auburn, 5,679; Tonie Ramsey of Auburn, 5,426; and Glen Spiller of Lewiston, 5,204.

Other honorees included the following:

4,001 to 5,000 hours: Muriel Adams of Auburn, 4,263; Mike Bussiere of Lewiston, 4,371; Ed Couture of Lewiston, 4,830; Jackie Harkins of Mechanic Falls, 5,000; Helen Hewins of Greene, 4,091; Roy Lowe of New Gloucester, 4,503; Jim McDonough of Auburn, 4,099; Kendall Thurlow of Mechanic Falls, 4,285; and Lucille Welch of Lewiston, 4,159.

3,001 to 4,000 hours: Bruce Bartlett of Auburn, 3,067; Lennie Butler of Auburn, 3,985; Betty Giroux of Lewiston, 3,760; Judy Moreau of Lewiston, 3,112; Louise Plouff of Greene, 3,557; Mildred Rideout of Greene, 3,662; Ellie Rolerson of Lewiston, 3,640; Richard Therrien of Lewiston, 3,654; and Bea Wailus of Lewiston, 3,444.

2,001 to 3,000 hours: Betty Audet of Lewiston, 2,929; Marie Banville of Lewiston, 2,299; Janice Bilodeau of Auburn, 2,518; Connie Brann of Auburn, 2,873; Cep Ceplikas of Auburn, 2,661; Patricia Duval of Auburn, 2,380; Jean Gilbert of Turner, 2,531; Carol Kypta of Lewiston, 2,511; Norm Laliberte of Auburn, 2,037; Joan Levenson of Auburn, 2,841; Mary Morgan-Ingalls of Greene, 2,610; Jackie Thornton of Lewiston, 2,836; Ray Turcotte of Lewiston, 2,313; Brenda Weeks of Auburn, 2,578; Don Weeks of Auburn, 2,275; and Clair Poirier of Auburn.

1,001 to 2,000 hours: Rita Beaulieu of Lewiston, 1,822; B. Bernier of Litchfield, 2,000; Jean Berry of Lewiston, 1,196; John Berry of Lewiston, 1,117; Gilda Berube of Auburn, 1,066; Pauline Blais of Lewiston, 1,955; Pauline Burns of Auburn, 1,968; Dick Bussiere of Auburn, 1,607; Vicky Carpenter of Oxford, 1,505; Gillian Curtis of Greene, 1,114; Sarah Deletetsky of Auburn, 1,176; Peggy Frontiera of Lewiston, 1,076; Dale Gowell and pet therapy dogs, Hope and Rebecca, of Auburn, 1,101; Lorraine Hamann of Lewiston, 1,382; Pam Heald of Buckfield, 1,469; Judy Holbrook of Auburn, 1,451.

Also, Jeanne Laliberte of Auburn, 1,540; Barbara Lander of Auburn, 1,395; Ed Lane of Turner, 1,791; Veny Lavoie of Lewiston, 1,226; Bruce Macomber of New Gloucester, 1,390; Roger Nadeau of Lewiston, 1,255; Joan Neal of Auburn, 1,243; Pat Records of Turner, 1,981; Glenys Ryder of Danville, 1,580; Wes Ryder of Danville, 1,588; Evelyn Thomas of Lewiston, 1,291; Art Turley of Lewiston, 1,090; Lorraine Vaillancourt of Auburn, 1,288; John Veader of Gray, 1,133; and Harold Warner of Auburn, 1,285.

501 to 1,000 hours: Clair Amero of Auburn, 644; Connie Bishop of Auburn, 609; Betty Bubier of Greene, 741; Judy Carver of Poland Spring, 695; Ann Ceplikas of Auburn, 972 Sylvia Fisher of Hartford, 983; Morna Gilbert of Lewiston, 833; Paula Levesque of Durham, 612; Mary Ellen Lewis of Lewiston, 594; Jean Libby of Auburn, 521; Herb Masse of Lewiston, 775; Louise Masse of Lewiston, 775; Claire Naum of Auburn, 565; Susan O’Leary of Lisbon, 575; Lorraine Samson of Lewiston, 568; Jan Sites of Lewiston, 745; Ann Tetreault of Lewiston, 854; Judith White of Mechanic Falls, 864; and Vergie Wade of Monmouth, 675.

101 to 500 hours: Janet Aloegnikal of Lewiston, 116; Hal Beatty and Lizzie of Windham, 215; Lorraine Boland of Lewiston, 435; Barbara Cloutier of Lewiston, 407; Rina Cloutier of Auburn, 430; Kathleen Cormier of Minot, 292; Ed Couture of Lewiston, 338; Joe DeFillip of Auburn, 329; Gilda Dennis of Auburn, 112; Roger Dunbar of Monmouth, 399; Tina Fougere of Lewiston, 212; Sandra Fox of Lewiston, 201; Selina Gable of Lewiston, 117; Jen French of Auburn, 390.

Also, Esther Gould of Brunswick, 493; Janice Harris of Auburn, 108; Phyllis Henderson of Auburn, 394; John Hodgkins of Lewiston, 414; Pat Levesque of Lewiston, 101; Deb McIntosh of Lewiston, 212; Gordon Pinkham of Auburn, 112; Carla Scott of Lewiston, 401; Sue Turner of Poland, 315; and Sylvia Verreault of Turner 145.