Vote against GOP tax bill


The Republican Party is no longer the conservative party. It is now the corporate party. Since the year 2000, thousands of lobbyists have taken over Congress with money and gifts, etc.

The tax reform bill under consideration in Congress favors the richest one percent, big banks, Wall Street and investors. For decades, America has been struggling to keep its head above water. The “corporate” party doesn’t care one iota about American families. Money is the bottom line and it doesn’t include the American family.

For too long, this nation has been dependent on the corporate world for energy, food, clothing, housing — everything connected to a person’s existence. I would call it a monopoly for the rich.

The cost of living goes up and the public has no control. Factories have gone overseas and products come back like they were made by very cheap labor.


The voters in Maine should demand that their senators and representatives in Washington, D.C., vote against the tax reform measures or any compromised measure as they have been presented.

Jean Arsenault, Mexico

  • FrankE

    Just the fact that the Republicans rushed this bill through without the benefit of input from Democrats, should nullify this piece of trash. It was rushed through for a very specific reason, greed. We need to get big money out of politics……………..

  • Rene Veilleux

    The Republican Party needs to give big bloated corporations the return on their investment in their campaigns. They have openly said that their donors need to see more money returned to them or they will not contribute any longer. That is the only thing that matters to them – money to keep them in power. Collins made a big show of holding out for something only to have the Speaker of the House say he wasn’t on board with plans to shore up the ACA in the future. So, no deal. But Collins will still vote for the tax give-away to the rich. It’s all a fraud – just like the whole Trump presidency.