Vote for positive job creation


“You smell that, Rick? It’s that mighty powerful odor of mendacity!” — from “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

In this primary season we notice that the higher the frequency of political advertisement, the more mendacious the source. Whether it is a political candidate or a PAC pushing a referendum question.

There is a sizable mature population here in Maine who are fed up with politics in general. The Repugnicrats have fouled their own platform beyond belief, and the Demoncrats have pandered to liberal policy-lovers beyond the fiscal means of the real taxpayers.

The “No on Question 1” group continues to use deceitful language to try to shift the tax burden away from their overpaid buddies onto the lower class, while claiming to create jobs. Their claims are totally false.

Further, while real jobs are needed, the other bond issues may provide some infrastructure help, but only short-term job relief, not long-term.

The sad reality of the situation is that the would-be tea party supporters have neither a platform, a party nor a candidate, and thus will not help effect the real change we need. In my opinion, none of the high spenders in the governor’s race will, either. It’s politics as usual.

I will attempt to vote for conservative truth (Yes on 1) and positive job creation. I hope others do, too.

Elbert Derick, Wales