A vote for recovery


Benjamin Franklin considered thrift a patriotic value. Dick Wagner and Margaret Craven have escalated spending, leaving Maine in a deep financial chasm.

Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree are rubber stamps under Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank’s guidance; they spent trillions and jeopardized our children’s futures. Children born today, living a century, might never see a surplus in the nation’s treasury.

That is unforgivable, except by those who would neuter this nation and degrade society.

People cannot wait for a distant election to stop imprudent spending and to secure the nation’s borders, or hope to restore state and national prestige and strength to deflect jihad and prevent global depression.

People need to look into their children’s eyes and decide whether they prosper or raise their families on food stamps.

Paul LePage, Jason Levesque, Joel Kase, Douglas Stone, Lois Snowe-Mello and Dean Scontras are votes for recovery and prosperity.

Larry W. Mayes, Lewiston