Vote ‘yes’ on One


Maine voters should not be misled by cute “lobster on a leash” TV ads.

Voting “yes” on the June 8 referendum will not increase income taxes. Income taxes will not change.

Voting “yes” on the tax reform question will prevent major new sales taxes.

New taxes on amusement, entertainment and recreation will impact families who pay admission fees for movies, miniature golf, amusement parks, animal parks, petting zoos, wagon rides and “haunted hay rides” at Halloween.

Sports cost more if you rent bowling shoes, ski equipment, golf clubs, or a bucket of golf balls at a driving range.

Sales taxes are added for labor on repairs and maintenance of your car, truck or lawn mower. Now only parts are taxed, and labor is the highest charge on repair bills. Taxes on labor also apply to electrical and mechanical equipment, computers and kitchen appliances. “Do-it-yourself” projects will cost more with new taxes on renting small tools, heavy equipment, moving vans, trucks, and lawn and garden equipment.

The “tax reform law” hurts small businesses and self-employed individuals by increasing record-keeping costs. Many have never had to charge sales tax before. These include people who provide services like cleaning houses, repairing shoes and clothes, and grooming pets.

Independent voters not voting for candidates in primary elections are still eligible to vote on referendum issues. We must reject these new sales taxes.

Frances Lodge, Minot