Voters to act on term lengths


SABATTUS – Selectmen will hold a special town meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday to ask voters to shorten the terms of selectmen, school board members and water district trustees who will be elected in March.

The change is part of the transition to the town manager form of government adopted when voters approved a new town charter in November, said Town Administrator Tracy Fabrizio.

Approval of the articles would shorten the terms of those elected in March to nine months. The same candidates would be placed on a ballot for re-election in November, Fabrizio said.

The new charter that will take effect in July 2007 creates a town-manager style of government, eliminating the position of town administrator.

The town keeps its five-member Board of Selectmen, but changes terms to start in early December, allowing elected officials more time to become with the budget process.