Voters face 42-item warrant in West Paris Saturday


WEST PARIS — The 2010 annual town meeting is set to convene at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 6, in the gymnasium at the Agnes Gray School on Main Street.

At that time voters will be asked to consider a 42-article warrant, most of which is considered by Town Manager John White to be routine in nature.

“The only articles I feel will be somewhat controversial are two articles regarding the town’s ambulance and rescue service,” White said Tuesday.

Those articles ask voters if they wish to continue to contract with Tri-Town Ambulance and Rescue Service or contract with P.A.C.E. Paramedic Services of Norway.

The reason for the articles is due to some controversy over the past year regarding Tri-Town and a request by some citizens to change to P.A.C.E.

Other articles pertain mostly to budget items with an expected bottom line budget of $1,032,405. That figure, however, will be reduced by the use of $555,339 in revenues and funds from surplus. The amount to be raised by taxes if all goes as planned would be around $477,066, which is a decrease of $68,203 from the budget approved in 2009.


The only major question at this time is what the education assessment from SAD 17 will do to the final figure when its budget is completed later this spring.

“We don’t know right now what the school district’s cost for us is going to be as the schools run on a fiscal year beginning in July, but I feel the figures we have right now hopefully are close. It will all depend on what the state does with educational funding,” White said.

The only other major part of the warrant deals with the annual municipal elections.

During that phase of the meeting voters will be electing a selectman, assessor and overseer of the poor for a three-year term, a school director for three years and a water district director also for three years.

Running for selectman for a second term will be board Chairman Randy Jones and there may be other nominations made from the floor.

For school director and water district it is not known at this time whether Nick Diconzo will be running for a new term or if Greg Inman will be seeking another term on the water district but that will be known at the beginning of the meeting as it opens with the elections.

The board of selectmen hope there will be a good turnout as this is a chance for the people to make their wishes known.